Cheese-it, Finn! Here comes the Vice-Principal!

I may be going out on a limb here, but I think Finley is feeling at home.


The cats…maybe a little less so.


But even that is going better than hoped.  The moment we brought Finley into our home on Saturday, we expected Leo and Leah to lunge with murderous intent.  In fact, their initial reaction was more restrained.  They seemed gobsmacked, deeply offended…and fully confident that he would be a flash in the pan.

They would materialize at the gate we’d set up between North and South Korea (our dining room and kitchen) and glare at happy-go-lucky Finn with smouldering disapproval.

"Don't get comfortable, you little s--t..."

“Don’t get comfortable, you little f—er…”

Picture: black-clothed Mrs. Danvers,  the evil housekeeper in Daphne DuMaurier’s book Rebecca…with slightly more fur. Their glare was three dimensional–you could smell it, see it and feel it lower the temperature in the room by 15 degrees. But just as suddenly, they would vanish and reappear on their respective favourite living room perches, blandly licking their private parts as though to say, “Feh, I’ve brought up hairballs bigger than you.”

That was Saturday. Six days later, they’ve toned it down a notch.  They’re more like the
embittered Vice-Principal at your high school.  You remember.  You were enjoying yourself in the cafeteria with your friends during your spare…and supercilious Mr. Seabrook appeared, looking for a reason to nail you, and so happy when he found it.That’s Leo and Leah today: Vice-Principal Seabrooks, both, ardent foes of innocent, happy puppies everywhere.  

"But Mr. Seabrook, I was in the library the whole time...!"

“But Mr. Seabrook, I was in the library the whole time…!”

Our life has been pretty puppy-heavy in the last few days, but I did find time to try out my test batch of Ketchup for Grownups.  Like a six-pound pup deposited among 32 pounds of fully- armed housecat, the Ketchup is definitely NOT for the faint of heart.  The touch of chipotle really asserts itself, giving off serious heat.  My friend and recipe tester Anna-Marie (who is a wonderful cook, herself) found it too hot for her burger but thinks it would be great in a meatloaf. She also thinks that stirring a little Ketchup for Grownups into mayonnaise to serve alongside fries would be delicious.  I’m going to try that shortly.

Whereas my son Drew thought it was great on burgers and with his fries.

All in all I think this is a keeper for my Little Kitchen Gourmet 2013 lineup. I am also going to test a more classic ketchup recipe, for those who like life and fries on the milder side.


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