Avocado, Almond and Jelly Appetizer

Warm a tablespoon or so of your favourite LKG savoury jam in the microwave until liquid. Peel and pit a  ripe avocado. Brush the melted jam on all surfaces and gently press toasted slivered almonds or pecans on all sides.photo-12

Fill the cavity where the pit used to be with your choice of Little Kitchen Gourmet Savoury Jelly or Jam.

Serve as an Appetizer

Use a different coloured jelly in each half….for example: Habanero Gold and Strawberry Jalapeno. Place both halves on a platter surrounded with crackers. Invite guests to serve themselves.

 Serve as a Light Lunch

Serve one half avocado to each person as main course, accompanied by a soup or a pasta salad, or perhaps bruschtta, and a nice bottle of crisp white wine.


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