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Translucent, resplendent, delicious Tequila Sunset Jelly by Little Kitchen Gourmet

Tequila Sunset Red Pepper Jelly  Hold a jar up to the light and it shimmers like a jewel. Flecks of red, yellow and orange peppers – and a hint of jalapeño – suspended in a translucent jelly, flavoured with Tequila. Superb served with fine cheeses and no-name cream cheese.

DSC_0654Habanero Gold Jelly  I’m very proud of this assertive, full-flavour jelly that is at home on with your cheese plate, and as a condiment with chicken, pork and fish. A delectable combination of equal amounts sweet and hot peppers and minced sweet onion. Plus finely chopped dried apricots to add an entrancing sweet…to the heat.

DSC_0656Candied Jalapeños Sweet and heat is the theme of these little marvels. Thinly sliced fresh jalapeños coaxed to sweetness in a lively sugar syrup that’s flavoured with garlic, cumin and other spices. Beautiful on your charcuterie board…in your dirty martini…tossed into your potato salad…onto your tacos…your scrambled eggs. Anywhere you need a note of delightful flavour.